Proyecto Chillan  Tierra Sur

Coihuería Mountain Reserve

The Coihuería Mountain Reserve is a unique place in the world, where hot springs, permanent snows and ancient native forests converge. The reserve is made consistent from a transposition of selected activities to deepen the sense of respect and passion for the environment. It is proposed to develop a life style around ecotourism, research centers and sustainable goods, it intends to promote the necessary diversity of a unique development model. The Project is located 5 hours away from Santiago, the capital of Chile, which is the largest mountain destination and closest to Santiago of Chile to the south, located in an environment that has been declared a Biosphere World Reserve hosting 4,500 hectares of native forest, where unique species of flora and fauna have been located, spontaneous hot springs emerge from the center of the earth and where the most pristine and important water sources in the area born, the Diguillin River.

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